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Focus on the gains 

It’s easy to focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have. 

It’s easy to focus on what you can’t have instead of what you will have when it comes to exercise. We complain about not being able to enjoy certain foods, exercise, lack of time, blah, blah, blah…

But then we complain about not being healthy. Our clothes are tight. We have Dunlaps disease (our stomachs have done lapped over our belts), and we have no energy. Cmon!!!

When it comes to transforming our health it’s easy to focus on what we can’t eat most of the time,  instead of focusing on what we will gain when we eat healthy. 

But if we want what we really want…




Feeling good in our clothes

Then it will require some sacrifice. We must focus on what we will gain as we leave certain things behind (most of the time).

Yeah, I’m talking to YOU! And ME! 

 Get up!

The mountain top is close! It’s up to us how hard we are willing to sacrifice to get to the top. Are you ready? Let’s go! It will be June before you know it. Then it will be December! Will you be in the same place? Right now! Now is the time! Let’s go.  

I CAN DO and SO CAN YOU. Life is all about having the right kind of attitude. We will face challenges. We have to decide how we will respond. Getting an ICD (Internal Cardio-Verter Defibrillator) in 2010 forced me to make a decision about my mindset. I decided that I CAN DO. What about you? Let's go. Check out my blog at and my books on Amazon at

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