Moms Are So Amazing

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! You ladies are so amazing!

Thanks for all that you do. As I think about moms and all that they do, I decided to make a list from A-Z of who they are and what they do. Indeed, moms, you are amazing!

Happy Mother’s Day mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Nikki. Thanks for all that you do.


A…she is always available

B…she becomes whatever she needs to be for the family

C…she’s caring and considerate

D…she’s determined

E…she may often do everything that needs to be done

F…she’s fun to be around

G…she very giving

H…she’s a source of hope and help in time of need.

I…she rarely says “I” because she’s helping others

J…she has a joyful spirit

K…she’s kind

L…she loves like no other

M…her motives are pure

N…she’s often the master negotiator

O…she opens her heart to others in need

P…her promises are reliable

Q…she’s quiet in nature

R…she will often be the last one to rest

S…she supplies her family with strength

T…she is very generous with her time

U…she understands issues that others can’t

V…she’s often the voice of reason

W…her will is strong

X…she’s like an X-ray in that she sees everything

Y…she says “Yes” more than she says “No”

Z…her zeal for her family continues Day after day!
I love you, mom!
I love you, Nikki!

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    I wrote this a few years ago. It’s still true today. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to my beautiful wife Nikki. I love you both.


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