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In Order To Win, You Must First Begin

We all want to be successful. Just go on Amazon and look at all the books that talk about being successful, accomplishing your goals, breaking through barriers, and changing the world.

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That’s great. I think you should go for it. But sadly, many people never hit the mark. Why?

  1. It’s not because there aren’t enough books. Go to my book recommendations page and you see numerous books about success.
  2. It’s not because the person doesn’t have the necessary tools or opportunities.
  3. It’s not because someone is even necessarily holding them back.

Rather, it’s because many people just never BEGIN. They don’t GO. They don’t take that FIRST STEP. In order to finish, we have to first start. In order to win, we have to first begin.

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Are you ready? Take action. GO. Hike the ball. Take that first step. Pick up the phone and make the call. Ask for the business. Make that suggestion. Start your blog. Sign up for Toastmasters. Apply for the new job. Be aggressive. You got this.



I CAN DO and SO CAN YOU. Life is all about having the right kind of attitude. We will face challenges. We have to decide how we will respond. Getting an ICD (Internal Cardio-Verter Defibrillator) in 2010 forced me to make a decision about my mindset. I decided that I CAN DO. What about you? Let's go. Check out my blog at www.icandoicd.com and my books on Amazon at www.amazon.com/author/benjaminlee.

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  1. ilonapulianauskaite

    Good evening, i can definitely agree with you, we always leaving first step for tomorrow and next day again for tomorrow until there is no more days left👱‍♀️

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