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Everything seems to be about getting things done FASTER! Have you noticed that? There seems to be a HACK for everything. You know…LIFE HACKS. Things or ideas that are supposed to make our lives easier, faster, better, and more efficient.

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“Use this FOOD HACK to save 30 seconds cooking your eggs.” UGH

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“Use this HACK to cut 45 seconds mowing your lawn.” NOOOOOO

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“Use this HACK to save time using other HACKS.” STOP IT

Okay, maybe I’m taking this a little too far. I’m all about saving time. I’m all about becoming more efficient. It just seems like there’s an abundance of HACKS.

“HACK your metabolism…” Oh please.

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I don’t know when the whole “HACK” language began to stick, but it’s here to stay. There are truly some good ideas and things that people have put together to improve work efficiency, mindset, etc.

But there is still something that no matter how many “HACKS” we will still have to do. Here it is. Are you ready? Are you sure you’re ready?

It’s called “HARD WORK.”

At the end of the day, no matter what we do we will have to WORK HARD. It takes hard work to create these “HACKS.” There’s often a lot of trial and error involved before someone figures out how to become more efficient with something.

HARD WORK is necessary when it comes to having continual growth and success in LIFE. From the beginning, mankind has been working. God gave ADAM “WORK” to do in the Garden, Genesis 1-2. I don’t know if Adam had any LIFE HACKS, but I do know that he needed to WORK.

WORK is good. Hard work builds character. Deep Work is great! If you haven’t read Deep Work by Cal Newport, I suggest you do. It’s one of my books in my book recommendation page. Hard work brings great pleasure of satisfaction. WORK is good. Again, I’m not necessarily against certain “HACKS.” But work, time, effort, is something that will be necessary.

People look at others who have become best selling authors, accomplished in a particular sport, have a great body, or who have made a tremendous amount of money, and they think that with a hack they can attain the same accomplishments and stuff without putting in the time or work.


Maybe you can learn faster, but it will take hard work. It may take years. Are you willing to go that long? Are you up to the challenge?

  1. Mindset is KEY.
  2. EFFORT is necessary.
  3. PRACTICING the right way is a must.

NO MORE HACKS! No wait…one more. Let’s call it the “HARD WORK HACK.” It’s still a big secret for many when it comes to SUCCESS.

Do you agree?



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  1. Very good Benjamin, seems people often want the goal without putting in the effort to get there! I like your blog!

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  2. Well said and wise!👏👏

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  3. Yes! This post packs a punch, and reminds me of a quote I heard to the effect that it’s better to learn the trade than the tricks of the trade!

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  4. This is so true! We can’t hack our way through life. Hard work trumps everything. Great post 😊

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