Monday Motivation

The week didn’t begin today. It started yesterday. We’re already almost two days into the week. BOOM!

Some people complain about Mondays. Be different.


  1. Create a more positive mindset.
  2. Create a better body that will give you even more energy and confidence.
  3. Create a better atmosphere at work and at home.
  4. Create what you’ve been dreaming about.

Don’t COMPLAIN about Monday’s. Use them to get better.

Use them to get ahead while the majority complain and bicker.

Let’s go.


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Go Crush the day.

I CAN DO and SO CAN YOU. Life is all about having the right kind of attitude. We will face challenges. We have to decide how we will respond. Getting an ICD (Internal Cardio-Verter Defibrillator) in 2010 forced me to make a decision about my mindset. I decided that I CAN DO. What about you? Let's go. Check out my blog at and my books on Amazon at

8 comments on “Monday Motivation

  1. Complaining about Monday certainly doesn’t help anything, just makes people miserable. I choose to like and enjoy every day as it comes, use it to profit in some way instead of complaining and groaning. Great thoughts you have here! Have a great day!

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