Saving Calories At The Ball Park!

Last night, my son and I went to a Texas Rangers game! First time at that ballpark.

It was great fun.

In my life I’ve been to Yankee stadium, Mets stadium, Cardinals Stadium, Milwaukee stadium, Astros stadium, and the White Sox stadium.

That’s pretty good in my book. These tickets were free.

Last year or earlier this year I read an article about how bad some of the food at stadiums actually is. There have been many reports of food poisoning. I believe it was an ESPN report I read.

So, I had a game plan. I would follow the box and bottle rule. Only consume stuff that’s already in a box or a bottle.

I bought a bag of Cracker Jacks and one bottle of water (my son and I shared). Boom! It worked out well. Except for the two chips of nachos I ate that my friend couldn’t. I was almost perfect. Oh well.

But this morning I thought of something.

The box and bottle rule is a great way to save calories while having fun!

You don’t have to eat everything in sight while going to the ball park. Even though at times that’s a fun thing to do!

Try out the Box and Bottle Rule. It will keep you lean and strong. And even keep some extra cash in your wallet.

Wherever you go, have a game plan when it comes to eating. What’s your game plan for today? Please share and let me know.

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  1. I love baseball! Nice post

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  2. Great idea! Yesterday, I was at a country music event at the “Shoe” in Columbus. Enjoyed some pizza (in a box) and witnessed an afternoon and evening filled with incredible music, ending with Blake Shelton and George Strait.

    You and your son enjoyed a wonderful time at the ballfield. I made it to two baseball stadiums years ago, County Stadium in Milwaukee and Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.

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