I Am Iron Man

Cmon, you gotta have some fun in life, right?

I had this photo taken at the Marvel store in Disney Springs. It was an epic time going into that store. We loved it.

I’m a huge Iron Man fan.

I do have a piece of metal in my chest.

I try my best to adapt and improve after something goes wrong.

I am Iron Man.

Who is your favorite Marvel character?

Who is your alter ego?

I CAN DO and SO CAN YOU. Life is all about having the right kind of attitude. We will face challenges. We have to decide how we will respond. Getting an ICD (Internal Cardio-Verter Defibrillator) in 2010 forced me to make a decision about my mindset. I decided that I CAN DO. What about you? Let's go. Check out my blog at and my books on Amazon at

8 comments on “I Am Iron Man

  1. Perhaps Superman. I would enjoy the personna of being Clark Kent, the mild-mannered news journalist, and then being able to reach tall buildings in a single bound. Basketball anyone?

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  2. I used to play basketball many years ago, but now my 63-year old legs can’t manage it. So thinking of Superman would be a hoot!

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  3. I Love Iron man. But as you asked my favourite character in Marvel Would be Spider Man. But my most favourite, I fell in Love with DC character “Flash” 🥰😍

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  4. She’s DC but Wonder Woman of course. But Spiderman is my favorite Marvel

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