New Podcast Recommendation: Devotional Doctors

I began listening to Podcasts probably about three years ago.

If you’re looking to grow in knowledge, improve in some area of your life, or are interested in new products, podcasts are a great place to begin. You can decide who and what topics you want to listen to.

Periodically, I will provide a recommendation for certain websites, books, and podcasts. I appreciate you all taking the time to check out some of these recommendations. I would like to give you another recommendation.

I just learned of this podcast TODAY! It’s called “Devotional Doctors.” You can find the podcast HERE. Below is detailed information taken from their website.

Our Podcast

“Devotional Doctors is a podcast about Christian living, where we take principles from physical health, and give them practical application in spiritual health. Devotional Doctors is produced and hosted by Bryan Nash, DMin, and JD Souder, DPT. 

Our Purpose

“We’re looking to encourage and equip others in their walk with Christ. We want to promote healthy living in our listening community- full, healthy, spirit-filled life.”

Our Projects

“In addition to the Devotional Doctors podcast, we have multiple projects in the works, including written articles and suggested reading lists to accompany the podcast.”

Bryan and JD already have a few episodes available along with some articles. I had the opportunity to meet and study the gospel of Mark with Bryan last month in Tampa Florida. It was great getting to know him more and also learning from him. He is passionate about God and His word and he’s also in great shape!

Keep up the great work Bryan and JD. When you get a moment check them out. Here’s where you can find them.

Devotional Doctors Podcast

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