It’s Finish Friday

Lebron James has Taco Tuesday.

I have Finish Friday. The weekend is almost here. I’m sure you have big plans. Enjoy your time off. Get some extra sleep. Stay up a little later. Bask in the sunlight while you’re at the pool. Soak up the laughs of your children. Cry during that movie with your loved one.


Before any of that can happen you must have your FINISH FRIDAY.

To truly enjoy your time off, wrap up all of the loose ends.

  1. File that paper work that’s been sitting on your desk.
  2. Clear out your email inbox, and don’t look at again until Monday.
  3. Make sure bills are all up to date.
  4. Pick up those items at the store, so you can avoid the mad rush during the weekend.


Make FRIDAY your cut off day. Give yourself a TIME LIMIT. Turn it into a game.

Enjoy the weekend.

Enjoy that delicious pizza and everything else you may eat.

Just be sure everything else is FINISHED.




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