No Excuses

I’ve committed to 2 a days for the next few Weeks. I’m working out 6 days per week.

If I don’t hit the mark, I will owe someone money! $20 if I don’t get them.

The intensity is coming back.

Typically, I like to get my workouts in the morning but that didn’t happen this morning.

But there are NO EXCUSES!

Greatness requires finding a way when many would throw in the towel.

I have a photo shoot coming up in December. I’ve let myself down before.

It’s time to hit the mark.

Find a way.

No excuses.

I CAN DO and SO CAN YOU. Life is all about having the right kind of attitude. We will face challenges. We have to decide how we will respond. Getting an ICD (Internal Cardio-Verter Defibrillator) in 2010 forced me to make a decision about my mindset. I decided that I CAN DO. What about you? Let's go. Check out my blog at and my books on Amazon at

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