About Me

Below is some additional information about me. In particular, I have listed continuing education and professional development as I seek to become the best version of myself and as I help others to do the same.

Completed 12 month B.L.A.S.T. (Building Leader, Authors, Speakers, and Teachers) program taught by best selling author and speaker Shannon Ethridge.

I also had additional one on one coaching from Shannon.

I was able to lead an interview with a former graduate of the BLAST program.

Light University Continuing Education and Professional Development

Courses Completed to date:

Introduction to Christian Life Coaching

Principles of Christian Life Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching

Dowlen Road Church of Christ Preacher Bootcamps, Beaumont Texas

I have participated (as a teacher and as a student) in a number of preacher bootcamps designed to teach and encourage young preachers to strive for excellence as they do the work of a gospel preacher. Some of my responsibilities included: Leading discussions on putting Biblical and effective sermons together and evangelism.

Dowlen Road Church of Christ Preacher Training Program, Beaumont Texas

I studied with the shepherds and evangelists for a period of two years prior to preaching full time. I learned how to properly study the scriptures, outline a text, write sermons, present sermons, create workbooks, lead Bible study classes, conduct personal Bible studies, and more.

Completed Three Courses at Sunset International Bible Institute: Extension Course

Courses included:

1 and 2 Timothy and Titus

Distinctive Nature of the Church

Historical Christian Evidences

Member of Toastmasters International

I have given a number of presentations and have been recognized by my peers for best table topics and best speaker.

I was given the privilege of sharing what Toastmasters is on a local television segment in Columbia Missouri.